Training Schools

DTS (Discipleship Training School) is an intensive, live-in 6 month discipleship course (3 months lecture and 3 months of outreach) that aims to develop the student’s character. A school designed to help the student develop their relationship with God. An environment that helps the individual get the heart of God to reach the lost.  The aim is to form Christian character through an obedient response to God.

Next one Starts in July 2019!   Apply Here!


SOE (School of Evangelism) After the DTS is a secondary school called the School of Evangelism. A  24 week program with 12 weeks in the classroom and over 400 hours of evangelism. The perfect follow up to the DTS before launching out into a career of ministry and missions. We have 18 SOE locations internationally to choose from. Next school dates to be announced.

Next one Starts in September 2019!   Apply Here!



SOW (School of Worship) is a secondary school in YWAM. The aim is to establish the foundations of our calling to be true worshippers. To equip students on how to use worship and intercession to demolish strongholds. To also help the students develop as worship teams and skills in leading worship effectively in their various local churches and ministries.



SOPA (School of Performing Arts) is a secondary school that consist of 12 weeks classroom/studio class & 12 weeks field assignment. The school is designed to discover God’s original creational Internet for the Arts. It’s sole purpose of using various Artistic creativity in reaching the lost and in communicating the gospel where words cannot. Next school dates to be announced.